Bangalore Sreehatta Sammelani has been enthusiastically involved a lot of activities which has quenched the ever-existing thirst of its members regarding our “Social Responsibility”. We have undertaken a number of activities which has helped different strata of the society.

Alternatively, there has also been a few accolades and awards that has come our way for some of the activities that we are extremely proud of being associated with. Some of the worth mentioning events are as follows-

  • Blood Camp held at All India Federation Srehatta Sammelani Meet in Bangalore
  • Support to Ramkrishna Mission, Sundarbans during the cyclone Amphan
  • Support to Old Age Homes
  • Awarded the Best Media Coverage for the 1st year Durga Puja Celebration in 2019
  • Awarded the Best Pujo Rituals Management – Sharod Utsav Samman 2020 for the 2nd year Durga Puja Celebration

With the persistent efforts of all our members we hope to see many more of such proud filled moments in the near future.