The most awaited announcement of BSS. The membership is open now. For further details connect with Mr Nabarun, Mr Manish, and Mr Sanjit. Puja timings now available here Durgotsav 2023.

Bengaluru Sreehatta Sammelani

“Baari chhariya Baashat aailam, Baasha rei Aamar Baari banailam…”

“বাড়ি ছাড়িয়া বাসাত আইলাম, বাসা রেই আমার বাড়ি বানাইলাম… “

– Dedicated to all the Sylhetis of Bangalore

About Us

Bengaluru Sreehatta Sammelani (BSS) came into existence in the year of 2005. This association which began as an initiative of a few likeminded, culturally driven individuals has today transformed into being a compelling force of Sylheti Culture that binds us all with the ethos of togetherness.

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Durga Puja 2024

Puja Timetable, Sponsorship List, Covid Guidelines, Cultural Events and more.

Our Events

A unison of art, culture,  & traditions. Click here for all upcoming events.

Our Culture

An aura of togetherness woven with rich customs &amp art.

Social Responsibilities

Giving back to the society

Explore our vibrant culture

From Shidol to Gua Paan, from Dhamail to Kirtan, enjoy the flavor of Sylheti Society in Bangalore.
সিঁদল থাকিয়া গুয়া পান, ধামাইল থাকিয়া কীর্তন, বেঙ্গালুরুতে সিলেটি সম্প্রদায়ের ঘনিষ্ঠতা অটুট রাখার একটা চেষ্টা|

For new membership please send an email to or call +91-7795068326 / +91-9845402020


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