Dear All,

We are happy to announce that the membership drive for BSS is open for this year 2023-24 (August 2023 to July 2024)

  • Family membership – Rs 6000 /- (Max. 4 adults)
  • Individual membership – Rs 3000/- (1 individual)

Best Regards,
Executive Committee – Bangalore Sreehatta Sammelani, Bangalore


  1. Member data would be kept confidential; restricted to only BSS operations.
  2. Mode of registration would be digital
  3. A unique registration number would be provided to each registered member. This registered number shall be used for any official communication or any other activities in BSS.
  4. Any Indian citizen claiming to be a Sylheti or Bengali (a Bengali who intends to promote Sylheti language and culture) and residing in Bangalore may request for membership to BSS. Membership status would not be impacted if the individual subsequently relocates temporarily or permanently to a different location (either in India or abroad) and wishes to continue to be a member of BSS.
  5. Membership tenure would be annual; which would need to be renewed before the expiry date.
  6. Membership cannot be renewed after the expiry date. New registration would need to be done and a new membership number would be allocated. Old membership ID would be marked as expired and inactive.
  7. The annual membership period would run from Aug to July (of following calendar year). All subscriptions are payable strictly in advance and preferably in the month of Aug. However, new membership can be sought at any time of year; expiry of membership would happen at July end. (All member IDs would expire by July; renewal to be done before expiry)
    • Renewal of membership to be done before expiry of Membership (preferably in June/July).
    • No renewal of membership is possible after expiry of membership. New membership to be registered and a new membership ID would be allocated.
  8. BSS Executive Committee would reserve the right to decline membership or decline to renew membership of any individual(for reasons that may be agreed to in Executive Committee Meetings)