Our Culture

Shidol”, “Dhamail”, “Sunga Pitha” and many more identifiers of the rich Sylheti Culture signifies the grandeur that we Sylhetis have in the form of memories. The Sylheti Culture is enamored by the affluence of music, food & fun.

Celebrating Durga Puja is a part of bringing together the members of the community who gel together in the reverence of Maa Durga while celebrating happiness by singing songs or practicing the traditional dance form of Dhamail.

Celebrating “Nobo Borsho” in the month of April every year, ensures that the community comes together with good wishes for each other so that everyone can have a scintillating and successful year ahead.


The above occasions give us a glimpse of the celebratory nature of the Sylhetis who love to celebrate life while ensuring they drive home the message of togetherness and oneness. BSS came into existence with the same objective of providing a common platform to all the Sylhetis who stay away from home so that they could find a home away from home while being able to preserve their culture.

The Sylhetis of BSS are a dynamic group who enjoy the affluence of traditions and are woven by the cultural fabric irrespective of age, social background etc. It is a platform where senior citizens, kids, young adults etc. can all be one in the celebration of togetherness.